Amr Moussa


He is one of the candidates who have serious chances to win.
Even during the uprising last year, many people spoke of him as the solution to end the conflict pacifically.

Many people view him as a good compromise candidate.  On the one hand, he has been in politics for a long time, so he would know how to deal with the power. On the other hand, he is said to -and he is more than happy to stress on that himself- have been removed from power by Mubarak himself, when he started to get too popular, which gives him a sort of anti-Mubarak aura. But this does not work well with most of the revolutionary crowds, who view him as a complete “felool”, that is, a remnant of the old regime, just looking for personal benefit. Many of his meetings have been disturbed by April 6 members chanting “felool”! April 6 is one of the strongest progressist youth movements in Egypt, it started after huge strikes in 2008, which are now considered a foreboding of the national uprising of 2011. Which made Amr Moussa, vendetta-style, delare that the 6th of April “wanted to spread chaos”
On the other hand, many secularists believe he is the only secularist candidate who is likely to win, so they have no other choice but to vote for him.

Politically, he says he is a liberal who believes in social justice.

He was Mubarak’s Foreign Affairs Minister from 1991 to 2001.

Then he was the Arab League secretary-general, until 2011. He supported the Arab peace initiative that endorses the Arab states’ recognition of Israel and normalization of relations with it in return for withdrawal from the territories occupied in the 1967 war and the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza.

The official page of his campaign (in Arabic) is here.

Here is an official page (by the Egyptian government, in English) about his studies, career and distinctions.

This is his facebook page and this is his twitter account.


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