Amr Moussa’s campaign

Amr Moussa is known for being the perfect example of the politician. He will never take sides too strongly.

In the video clip of his campaign, whose motto is “we are up to the challenge”, he shows there is no division inside the Egyptian society, all walks of life are united and eying the stability of Egypt.

In his program, he states first that he wants Egypt to get rid out of poverty: around 50% of Egyptian people live around or below the poverty line. Then he mentions the second plague of Egypt, analphabetism, and says he wants a new educative system (20-25% of the budget). Then he says an important part of the national budget also has to be given to health care (10-15% of the budget).

The introduction of his programm is as follows – it should please everyone… :

“a new system of State administration

a government that deserves the trust of the people and an administrative full of competent people

a war on corruption and the promote of transparency and accountability

Achieving security of the citizen

Independence of the judiciary, justice and the rule of law

Safeguarding the dignity of the citizen and protecting his rights and freedoms

One people, one nation ….

Women ….. More than half of the society

Youth, hope of the future

Achieving the aspirations of citizens with disabilities

enhancing the role of political parties, trade unions and civil society

Radical reform of the Media organisation

End the marginalization of the provinces and the coastal and border areas”


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