Hamdeen Sabahi

“Hamdeen Sabahi, one of us” “freedom, social justice, human dignity”

Hamdeen Sabahi is a political activist, the co-founder of al-Karama Party, which supports the nationalist ideology of Nasserism, and the head of the Karama newspaper.
He established the Karama Party in 1996 after leaving the Arab Democratic Nasserist Party. Al-Karama was only formally recognized in August 2011, but Sabahi was elected to parliament in 2000 and reelected in 2005 as an independent. He is also a co-founder of the Kefaya! (Enough!) movement, launched in 2004 to fight corruption and the “hereditary succession” of Gamal Mubarak to the presidency. He also co-founded the National Association for Change with Baradei.

He became famous in 1977 when he confronted Sadat about inflation in a televised debate with students.
He was jailed many times during his career, with the last being in 2003 while he was an MP, under the charge of the illegal “organising of demonstrations” against the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

He strongly supports the Palestinian statehood and thinks that Israel should return large amounts of land to them. His anti-Israeli stance might worry western politicians but it many Egyptians hold similar views.

He opposes a “safe exit” for the ruling SCAF.

He is running independently after obtaining more than 30,000 citizen endorsement signatures.
He is born in 1954.


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