Why Were 10 Egyptian Presidential Candidates Disqualified

The preliminarily excluded 10 candidates are:

1- Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail, salafist lawyer-turned-preacher. His mother held an American passport. It does not fit the requirements to be a candidate.

2- Omar Soleiman, former VP and Intelligence Chief. PEC has excluded more than 3000 of his citizen endorsements, making the geographic distribution of his remaining endorsements insufficient.

3- Khairat Al-Shater: current Muslim Brother and Freedom and Justice Party top nominee:

4- Ayman Nour, nominee for the Ghad Al-Thawra Party (The Tomorrow Of The Revolution Party)

These two candidates have not been cleared of Mubarak-era condemnantions

5 & 6- Mortada Mansour (lawyer, former judge) and Ahmed El-Saidy: both are running on behalf of the Masr Al-Qawmy Party (Egyptian Nationalist Party). However, there is a legal leadership vacuum and struggle at the top of the party, leaving the party without official representation, and rendering it ineligible to nominate an official candidate.

7- Ibrahim Al-Gharib, MP: more than 2000 citizen endorsements were excluded, leaving him with less than the required minimum of 30,000 endorsements. Also, PEC has received evidence that he has/had a US passport.

8- Mamdouh Qotb, former Intelligence high ranking figure: nominated by the Al-Hadara party (Civilisation Party), he was disqualified because the members of the party who are MPs have resigned the party in protest of his nomination, rendering the party without a single official seat in parliament, and making his nomination illegal.

9- Ashraf Zaki Barouma, head of Masr Al-Kenana Party: PEC has discovered that he avoided obligatory military conscription, denying him of the right of Political Participation in elected office.

10- Hossam Khairat, Engineer: nominee on behalf of the Egypt Arab Socialist Party. The PEC has received proof that there is a leadership vacuum at the head of the party, leaving it without official representation and a capability to officially nominate candidates.

This article has been written by Bassem Sabry.


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