Abdallah Al-Ash’aal

Abdallah Al-Ash’aal is running on behalf of the Asala Salafist Party. But according to Egypt Today, he has played down the significance of his choice of party, saying that if any other party had nominated him, he would have accepted.
He made a sudden comeback: he had said he was withdrawingfrom the race in support of Khairat El-Shater, the Muslim Brother candidate.

This former diplomat sworked in Riyadh, Bahrain, Greece and Nigeria. He is now Professor of International Law at the American University in Cairo. He resigned in 2003 from his post of deputy minister of foreign for legal affairs, treaties and political planning. This was a very publicized move that exposed the regime’s corruption, according to Egypt Today.

He is considered a low profile candidate who is yet to express his political positions.
He has stated that his main aim is to protect the revolution from those that seek to destroy it, and to restore calm of the streets of Egypt.

He is also said to have authored nearly 70 books on various subjects.
He is born in 1945.


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