Hisham Al-Bastawisi

Hisham Al-Bastawisi is a former judge and deputy head of the Court of Cassation.
he is endorsed by the leftits Tagammu (National Progressive Unionist Rally Party).

He was one of a group of judges who launched a campaign in 2005 to demand judicial independence and full judicial oversight of elections. He and other judges refused to supervise the 2005 Presidential elections (which they proclaimed rigged and fraudulent). Measures taken against Bastawisy by the Mubarak administration included a travel ban in 2008. Harassed by internal security forces, he left Egypt and spent the last two years living in Kuwait.
He returned to Egypt in the middle of the 18-days January revolution to participate in the protests publicly.

He had previously withdrawn from the electoral race before making a surprise comeback.
He suffered from a heart attack in 2006. He is born in 1951.

He was really criticised when he recently proposed document detailing his vision of military-civilian relations.
Egypt Independent wrote that Batawisi’s proposal is believed to be inspired by the Turkish model, according to which the army is in charge of protecting democracy, secularism, human rights and loyalty to Turkish nationalism. Besides its primary mission of protecting national territories, Bastawisi wrote that the military should be entrusted with the protection of the constitutional order. His document suggested that the armed forces become the guardian of a set of “supra-constitutional” principles, including respect for human rights, the protection of minority rights, commitment to international treaties and conventions that Egypt has already signed, social justice, the independence of the judiciary and prosecution, the autonomy of universities, the improvement of education and scientific research and commitment to the prerequisites of national security.

About the much-debated constitutional committee, which is still in a work in progress, Bastawisi hoped that the Freedom and Justice and Nour parties would have the courage to admit that attempting to write the constitution alone was a mistake. He said this would increase their credibility among the people.


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