Mahmoud Hossam El-Din Galal

Mahmoud Hossam El-Din Galal runs as an independent.

He is a police officer-turned-businessman.
Born in 1964, to a military family, he was a career police officer. Then he participated in a number of international operations including joining international peace-keeping forces. He also worked in the UN Middle-Eastern Human Rights department from 1992-1994.

Galal resigned from the Interior ministry in 1997 and went on to establish a number of investments in Egypt and other Arab countries. These, he claims, have given him the experience that further qualify him to run for Egypt’s presidency.

He founded and heads the Bedaya (“beginning”) Party as well as a coalition of Egypt’s 17 central parties. His priority, if elected, is reforming the Ministry of Interior and ridding it of corruption. Meanwhile, he promises to meet all the demands made by the revolution.


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