The Revolution Youth Union still hesitates between two candidates

The Revolution Youth Union still hesitates between the consensual Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh and the socialist Hamdeen Sabahi. They will decide later which candidate they endorse, they say. The election starts on the 23d of May.

But this indecision is typical.
Khaled Ali, the human rights lawyer, would be the natural candidate for the revolutionary. But he is very unlikely tow gather a lot of votes. So they need to think strategically. But uniting different idelogies proves tricky.
And the problem, according to Mahmoud Salem, an Egyptian blogger and political analyst, is that the revolutionaries are stuck in opposing the regime of Mubarak, instead of focusing on the new problems, namely the rise of the conservative islamist parties.
“Protesters are more concerned about Shafiq and Moussa than with Abol Fotouh or Morsi, or Hazem.” For example, revolutionary youth came to support salafi Hazem’s supporters sit-in, because it was attacked, although they didn’t agree at all on the ideas, but just to support free speech. “They want to remove everyone who has to do with the old regime, instead of paying attention to the new game, which is the new regime that is being formed that mimicks the old regime plus islamism.”


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