The Muslim Brotherhood presidential campaign

The Supreme Military Council is watched carefully by the Parliament, at least by the Members of Parliament who have electoral ambitions: they are afraid the SCAF wants to impose a candidate.
Today in the Parliament MPs from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party accused the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of backing Ahmed Shafiq, even if the SCAF renewed its statement that it is impartial to all candidates.
Leftist presidential candidate Abul Ezz al-Hariry joined in by claiming that rigging already took place in certain Egyptian embassies in the Gulf.

On the other hand, some fear the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) gets ready to lauch their electoral machine and its tricks, which mainly consist in putting forward how they care for the welfare and in mixing politics an religion. The Muslim Brotherhood is relying on more than 600 Salafi and Al-Azhar preachers to support Mohamed Morsi, its candidate in the presidential election, said a member of the Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau, reports AlMasry AlYoum. “They will not use mosques for that purpose,” said Guidance Bureau member Abdel Rahman al-Barr. “Mosques are only for praying.” But Barr also said that preachers in mosques can educate people about tthe qualities required of a candidate to lead the nation and contribute to the Renaissance Project – the Renaissance project (nahda) is the one of the Muslim Brothers.

An MP accused the Brotherhood of using the Parliament to promote their candidate. He said that MB distributed leaflets in the city of Mahalla saying that Morsi was behind the amendment of certain laws such as the laws on the high school certificate and the minimum wage, according to the State Agency MENA.

A very anti-revolution host of talk-show, Tawfik Okasha, had a guard fire live ammunition at supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Morsi, while they were trying to hang banners in Meet al-Korma village in Daqahlia Governorate.
The MB said in a statement that two were shot in the legs and one was shot in the stomach and in is a hospital in critical condition.
Okasha owns the Faraeen satellite channel. On his show, he is very supportive of the military.


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