Moussa: “I’ve always supported the revolution”

In this interview with Ahram online, Moussa says he supported the Tunisian revolution as the head of the Arab league, then “supported the Egyptian revolution because he saw it coming and knew the situation could not go on”; “the people were angry and frustrated”. “Forget about those who say I’m felool (remnants of the regime), that’s empty talks and personal attacks.””The alliance between the rulers and the capitalists is over. The revolution rose up against this.”

He advises some carefulness whilst dealing with the SCAF: “The armed forces ahve been in power for over sixty years, you can’t just lock them out and say goodbye. We must treat their exit in a respectable manner.”

“Egypt wants to rebuild itself, not talk about leading the Muslim world and reaching to Afghanistan. We have poverty, unemployment, social backwardness, deterioration of education, and healthcare and manufacturing etc.”


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