The first day of democratic presidential elections in Egypt

A few violations were noticed but generally the first day of the election poll went alright.

The turnout of this historical first free presidential election first seemed quite low. But as soon as the sun set – the day was very hot in Egypt- more voters showed up, to the point that the Presidential Elections Commission had to extend voting hours until 9 pm from 7 pm.

Complete silence was not exactly respected everywhere, campaigners were still to be seen near polling stations, for the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, or from the salafi Nour party, campaigning for Fotouh. There were a few clashes or heated arguments here and there. Presidential candidate Shafiq, a former Mubarak Prime Minister, got threatened with shoes at the polling station.
But AlMasryAlYoum reminds us that “In Old Cairo, a poor neighborhood that during the 2010 parliamentary elections was the scene of widespread fraud, intimidation and violence, voting is going smoothly.”

According to AlMasry AlYoum, “the April 6 Youth Movement said Wednesday that the military police has detained three of its members in Port Said after they videotaped electoral violations in polling stations in the governorate.”

The campaign of labor lawyer Khaled Ali says that “in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Aswan, 15 polling stations failed to open as scheduled after a number of judges had excused themselves from managing the polls.

The Ali campaign added that its representatives have also been blocked at some polling stations in Cairo, Giza and Upper Egypt. The campaign also said that an employee at one polling station in the Giza neighborhood of Imbaba was filling out ballots for voters, in violation of the law.”


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