What next for the pro-revolution voters?

Many voters are so disappointed at the results that they even consider boycotting the second round.

Another hope, but less and less likely, is that Shafiq would be barred, because of the still pending proposed law barring officials of the former regime from running for president.

Another solution is to offer the two final candidates the support of the pro-revolution voters, in exchange of a sincere to realise the Revolution demands.
Here is an idea how, according to Koert Debeuf who represents the EU parliament’s Alde group.

“With some 40% of the votes, the revolutionary power and thus leverage is much bigger, than most might imagine. Here lies the opportunity. For once, the other candidates should stick together. As one block they should offer their support in exchange for non-negotiable conditions. The secular/revolutionaries must be guaranteed on paper 1) the vice-president, 2) the prime minister, 3) half of the government ministries, 4) half plus one of the Constitutional Committee 5) all decisions will be signed by both the president and the vice-president. This is politics. This is democracy.”

Apparently Aboul Fotouh is already trying to brief Morsi.


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